• Provided that operating, transportation and storage regulations are observed the company guarantees:
  • Advices, which will, no doubt, be useful for drivers and help to extend tyre performance life.
  • Tyre marking
  • By their construction tyres can be bias and radial
  • TYRE is rubber or steel (on carts) ring, case on wheel rim. Automobile tyre is an elastic case which contacts the road and cushions impacts and absorbs road bumping.

Our company

Dear Visitor!


Welcome to the site of PJSC "ROSAVA"!

We would like to tell you about those changes that have taken place at the company in recent years.  

 We hope it would be interesting for you to stop for a moment and find out how the Ukrainian tyre manufacturer has been developing. Striving for exellence, the company invests much into modernization of its production, implementation of innovative technology and, as a result, could deliver tyres of new generation to more than 60 countries of the world. Our tyres, having European level of quality, meet strict requirements оn safety, comfort and ecology. 

 We believe that the time you devoted to our site searching for formation will be of highest benefit and our company and product will attract your interest.  




We will guarantee safety and comfort on your roads providing you with innovative tyres manufactured by Ukrainian professionals who use the latest world technology and equipment made in Europe.

 Belaya Tserkov tyre factory, now  PRIVATE JOINT STOCK COMPANY  "ROSAVA", has been operating since 1972.

Over the years, the company has manufactured more than 180 million tyres which run million miles on the roads of the world. The company has got a wealth of traditions, wide experience and knowledge necessary for production of high tech tyres. 

 But it is necessary to keep up with the times and thus the company is not complacent.

 Today PJSC "ROSAVA" is the largest tyre manufacturer in Ukraine, one of the leading tyre companies in the CIS. 

 It is high tech and socially responsible company which uses the latest  management standarts and principals.



Main activity of the company is manufacture of tyres under two trademarks «ROSAVA» and «VALSA». One of the strategic lines of its development is off-take projects (production of tyres for foreign customers from Germany, Turkey, Great Britain and others). 



 Premiorri Solazo


 Premiorri ViaMaggiore


 Contyre Arctic Ice


 Contyre Megapolis




Having the best in the CIS high tech mixing equipment, "ROSAVA" company produces as well commercial rubber compounds for other manufacturers. Within recent years production of rubber technical goods was mastered. 

 PJSC "ROSAVA" is located in the south-east part of Belaya Tserkov city, 80 km far from Kiev. Convenient geographical location of the company, presence of railway and Kiev-Odessa highway ensure prompt delivery of tyres to customers in Ukraine and to foreign partners. 


 The company manufactures wide range of tyres (more than 200 sizes and models)  for passenger carscommercial vehicles and  agricultural machinery .

 SQ-201  WQ-102 

 Quartum S49










According to the results of 2014, about 50% of total volume of all tyre range is sold in domestic market, the rest tyres are exported to more than 60 countries of the world, to almost all continents.



 Production modernization

 In order to manufacture product which meet the growing requirements of customers, the company has implemented the first stage of the Comprehensive Program for Production Modernization (years 2005-2010) including delivery of high tech equipment manufactured by the worldwide leaders, introduction of state of the art technology and use of environmentally friendly raw materials. The second stage has started and is in progress (years 2011-2014).




Modern software Pro/Engineer (USA) and «Cascade» (Russia) ensures high accuracy of calculation of tyre performance characteristics on the design stage what allows to design tyres of new generation as well as to shorten time for developing and launching of new products to markets.  





 Triplex extrusion line for treads/sidewalls production, Berstorff (Germany) provides a possibility to manufacture the tread consisted of 3 new types of rubber compounds as well as to produce medium class tyres.




 Testing bench «Оka» (Russia) provides a possibility to test tyres and checkout tyre parameters at different speed rates (up to 240 km/h).




First line of curing presses, Harburg Freudenberger (Germany) ensures consistency of quality; its output capacity is 600 thousand tyres per year.





Pump-and-compressor equipment, Samsung ensures efficient  electric power consumption.




Bead ring making unit "Libepal", Vipo (Slovak Republic) ensures significant improvement of dynamic balance and force uniformity of manufactured tyres.





Stand-alone energy-saving plant Viessmann Vitomax (Germany)- supports the workshops for truck and agricultural tyres production.


Second line of curing presses, Harburg Freudenberger (Germany), output capacity - 600 thousand tyres per year.



  • Extrusion line for production of  innerliner for passenger car tyres and truck tyres, Krauss Maffei Berstorff (Germany);
  • Two machines for cap ply cutting,  Spoolex S.A.S (France); 
  • Tread wind-up unit, Krauss Maffei Berstorff  (Germany);
  • Two unistage tyre building machines (including I and II stages), Harburg Freudenberger (Germany).



Objectives into 2013-2014 

Purchase of the necessary high-tech equipment. 

 Certification of the Quality Management System

  •  The Quality Management System of PJSC "ROSAVA" is certified by the QS Cert (Czech Republic) according to ISO 9001:2015
  • The company "ROSAVA" operates under the rules of International Technical Specification ISO/TS16949:2009



  • Certificates on noise compliance  to the EC requirements from IGTT a.s. (Czech Republic) 
  • Certificate of quality compliance from INMETRO (Brazil)
  • International Rules No. 30 EEC UN, No. 54 ЕEC UN, No. 106 ЕEC UN, No. 117 EEC UN (Czech Republic)
  • Certification system of Russian Federation, Belarus Republic 
  • Certificate «UkrSEPRO» (Ukraine)




The Company is building its relations with customers, trade partners and automobile assembly plants on the basis of respect, mutual development and long-term cooperation. The success of the partners is the success of the company.


 Our partners:


  • Trade partners in Europe, CIS, far abroad and near abroad countries. 
  • Dealer system in Ukraine 
  • Trading houses "ROSAVA" (Kiev, Belaya Tserkov, Chernigov, Cherkassy, Kirovograd, Zaporozhye, Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkiv)

Automobile assembly plants:

  • PJSC "AvtoKrAZ",  Corporation "UkrAvto" (PJSC "ZAZ"),  Corporation "Bogdan", LLC KhTZ,
  • PJSC "Chervona Zirka", PJSC "Umanfermash",  "Kherson Machine-Building Plant", LLC  - Ukraine; 
  • KZ "Rostselmash", LLC;
  • RUE "Gomselmash", OEM "Tekhmash", CJSC "Amkodor Pinsk" - Belarus 




High quality of product of Private JSC ROSAVA is proved by numerous domestic and international awards. The company has got more than 50 of them.


PJSC "ROSAVA", being major budget revenue generating enterprise, pays great attention to social responsibility matters.


1.      Health concerns for the company’s employees and their families:

    • rest and health improvement of employees and their children
    • voluntary health insurance
    • prevention of occupational diseases
    • aid posts on the territory of the company

2. Public catering, provision of special food.

3. Comprehensive social protection and social assistance to employees and their families.

4. “Child art center” (free of charge) for employees’ children.

5. Sports and athletics meetings. Tourist’s section.

6. Sponsor support to:

    • children’s home «Voloshka»,
    • regional infant home «Maliatko»,
    • psychoneurological institution



We are always glad to meet you at our site, exhibitions as well as at our central office!