• Provided that operating, transportation and storage regulations are observed the company guarantees:
  • Advices, which will, no doubt, be useful for drivers and help to extend tyre performance life.
  • Tyre marking
  • By their construction tyres can be bias and radial
  • TYRE is rubber or steel (on carts) ring, case on wheel rim. Automobile tyre is an elastic case which contacts the road and cushions impacts and absorbs road bumping.

Company background



  •  More than 200 tyre sizes and models are manufactured
  • New-generation of winter tyres, SNOWGARD
  • "ROSAVA" company outlets are opened in Dnepropetrovsk, Zaporozhye, Zhytomer, Charkov

Staff changes
September -  A. Daliba was appointed  Chairman of the Board - General Director


 About 200 tyre sizes and models are manufactured

 Staff changes:

  • September - A. Daliba is appointed Acting as Chairman of the Board-General Director
  • Company outlet “ROSAVA” is opened  in Belaya Tserkov


  International Standard ISO 9001:2008  recertification


40 years since the first tyre was manufactured 


  • Extrusion line for production of  innerliner for passenger car tyres and truck tyres, Krauss Maffei Berstorff  (Germany) is put into operation;
  • Two machines for cap ply cutting,  Spoolex S.A.S (France) are put into operation; 
  • Two unistage tyre building machines (including I and II stages), Harburg Freudenberg (Germany) are installed. 


  • CCC - Compulsory Certification (CQC - China Quality certification Centre) for compliance with the requirements of People's Republic of China;
  • Certification according to the EC requirements (Regulation (EC) No.1222/2009), new labeling regulations;
  •   ISO 9001:2008 recertification.

New product:

  • Winter tyres SNOWGARD for passenger cars;
  • Agricultural tyres 6.50-16 TR-101, 710/70R38 TR-203, 650/65R38 TR-202, 800/65R32 CM-101.
  • Off-take projects (production of passenger car tyres with rim seat diameter from 13 to 16 inches, speed rating T, H, V).  

Extension of the product line of tyre models:

  • Contyre; 
  • Everest 1, 365 Days;
  • Premiorri Solazo and Premiorri ViaMaggiore.

Staff changes:          

April  - V. Tatus is appointed Chairman of the Board-General Director.



CJSC ROSAVA is renamed as Private JSC ROSAVA.


Second line of curing presses, Harburg Freudenberg (Germany) is put into operation. 

  • ISO 21461 and Directive No. 76/769/ЕЕС – compliance of passenger car tyres and light truck tyres with International Environmental Standard;
  • ISO 9001:2008 recertification ;
  • Second stage of implementation of international specification ISO/TS 16949:2009 by Citech Ukraine b.v. (the Netherlands).

 New Product:

 - All-season tyre AS-701 205/70R16 97T for crossover utility vehicles and off-road vehicles;

-  All-season tyre LTA-401 225/70R15C for commercial vehicles;

Off-take projects:

 - Contyre

- Herse

- Premiorri Solazo and Premiorri ViaMaggiore



  • First line of  new curing presses, Harburg Freudenberger (Germany)  is installed;  
  • Stand-alone energy-saving plant Viessmann Vitomax (Germany) is put into operation. 


  • Start and training of our specialists for the requirements of international specification IS0/TS16949:2009
New product:
  • All-season tyre LTA-401 7.50R16L for commercial vehicles;
  • Tyre В-105А for agricultural machinery. 
Оff-take projects:
  • Contyre; 
  • Herse; 
  • Premiorri Solazo

Bead ring making unite LIBEPAL, Vipo (Slovak Republic) is put into operation.  

  • ISO 9001:2008 recertification;
  • Certificate  of quality compliance, INMETRO (Brazil).

New product:


  • Tyre TRL-501 for low speed modes of transport, light trailers and trailers;
  • Tyre ИЯВ-79У for tractors and combines. 

 Оff-take projects: 

  • Contyre; 
  • Herse. 

Four Gold and two Silver Awards from the international competition «The best automobile tyre on roads of Russia»



  • New equipment of Samsung company from Compressors International Ltd. is installed;
  • 10 curing presses, Harburg Freudenberger are put into operation;
  • Bead ring making unit "LIBEPAL", Vipo (Slovak Republic) is installed.

 New product: 

  • agricultural tyres 10.075-15.3 Ф-274, 13.6R38 TR-07, 21.3-24 ИЯВ-79У;- Tyre for agricultural engineering 10.075-15.3 Ф-274, 13.6R38 TR-07, 21.3-24 ИЯВ-79У;
  • truck tyre with ply rating -  12 8,25R20 BC-57 У-2 with new ply rating - 12; 
  • Winter tyre for commercial vehicles LTW-301.

 Staff changes: 

  • October – R. Rybachuk is appointed Chairman of the Board - General Director  

Production of medium-class tyres of SQ-201 series.

 Certificates on noise compliance, IGGT (Czech Republic).

The Golden symbol and Diploma "Manufacturer of the best domestic goods 2007"

35 years since the first tyre was manufactured. 


 CJSC "ROSAVA" is a high-tech and socially responsible company. The leader of domestic tyre market; the largest company of chemical industry in CIS countries.

Production of medium-class tyres: BC-59, WQ-101, WQ-102, WQ-103.

International Standard ISO 9001:2000 recertification.

The Golden symbol and Diploma "The manufacturer of the best domestic goods 2006" 


CJSC "ROSAVA" has become a part of the group «Finance & Credit».

More than 100 tyre sizes and models  for motor vehicles and agricultural machinery are produced.

Production of heavy tyres is launched. 


February - CSC «JV «ROSAVA» is renamed as Closed Joint Stock Company ROSAVA.


CSC «JV «ROSAVA» has become a part of the group «UkrSibbank».

Quality management system of CJSC "ROSAVA" is certified as for its compliance with International Standard ISO 9001-2000.

More than 80 tyre sizes and models are produced.  


Quality management system of CJSC "ROSAVA" is certified as for its compliance with International Standard ISO 9001-1994.


December – CSC "JV"  "ROSAVA" is established on the basis of production facilities of OJSC "ROSAVA" and in partnership with Holding Company "Amtel".


Belaya Tserkov State Production Association «Belotserkovshina» is reorganized into Open Joint Stock Company «ROSAVA». OJSC «ROSAVA» is a successor of PA «Belotserkovshina».


More than 40 tyre models of radial construction are produced.


Technical reconstruction of truck tyre production is carried out, light truck tyres of 15 and 16 inches are produced.


Reconstruction of Mixing Department is started. 


Facilities of tyre factory No 2 are put into operation.


PA «Belotserkovshina» is established.


Reconstruction of passenger car tyre production.


First stage of Asbestos Technical Goods (ATG) plant is put into operation.


Rubber Technical Goods (RTG) plant joints the Association.


First inner tubes containing butyl rubber BR-1675 are produced. Development and production of truck tyres of “R” type are started. 


The millionth tube and the millionth tyre are manufactured.


December - the first tyre is built

(1964 - 1972) Construction of Belaya Tserkov Industrial Complex of Tyres and RTG (Rubber Technical Goods).