• Provided that operating, transportation and storage regulations are observed the company guarantees:
  • Advices, which will, no doubt, be useful for drivers and help to extend tyre performance life.
  • Tyre marking
  • By their construction tyres can be bias and radial
  • TYRE is rubber or steel (on carts) ring, case on wheel rim. Automobile tyre is an elastic case which contacts the road and cushions impacts and absorbs road bumping.

Social policy

 "ROSAVA" Company Calendar for Year 2015

    The main idea of "ROSAVA" calendar for year 2015 is to remind that the joy can always be found, one just needs to take a closer look around. Concept and layout of the calendar "Live with pleasure!" was developed by marketing department of "ROSAVA" company.
   Calendar consists of bright positive photos that remind us that one doesn’t need to have a lot to be happy, but sometimes it takes a lot to understand it. Each photo with particular plot, emotion and inspiring slogan belongs to each month. All the characters in the photos have their love for mankind, as well as love of motion and travel in common. Today’s dynamic tempo dictates specific conditions, one of which is to have a car with high quality "ROSAVA" tyres.



"ROSAVA" company congratulated first-graders on the beginning of the school year

 Following the 10-year tradition "ROSAVA" company congratulated first-graders on the beginning of the school year. Particularly festive atmosphere was created for 140 children of employees of PJSC "ROSAVA".


A concert dedicated to the Knowledge Day was held in the Cultural Centre of PJSC "ROSAVA".

Aleksandr Daliba, Chairman of the Board - general director of PJSC "ROSAVA", congratulated first-graders, as well as their parents and relatives on a new stage of their life's journey and a holiday new for them.


In particular, he said: "A new stage of your life begins today – now you are not just little girls and boys any more, you’re students. Work tirelessly, imbibe knowledge, learn to overcome difficulties, set great goals and spare no effort to achieve them! Your parents and grandparents work at "ROSAVA" company. And I hope that along with the knowledge acquired at school you’ll have a clear view of our company values, its history and present achievements. You'll grow and who knows, maybe one of you will run a business at this company in the future!"

Aleksandr Daliba expressed great appreciation to the teachers who put their heart and soul into the education of these children, "Let your great work be generously repaid and only joy given by your students!"

Every first-grader received a gift from "ROSAVA" company!



Father Michael congratulated the first-graders on the beginning of the school year and gave them his blessing.




Results of the first Spartakiad between the companies of the group "Finance and Credit"

 The team of "ROSAVA" company took part in the Spartakiad between the companies of the group "Finance and Credit" held on 23-24th of August 2014 in Komsomolsk. 6 more teams took part in the Spartakiad: "Poltava Mining and Processing Plant", "Eristov Mining and Processing Plant ", "Ferrostroy", "Omega", "Kremenchugmyaso" and "Finance and Credit".

Having achieved remarkable results the competitors showed professionalism and high level of expertise in the competitions of six kinds of sport. Each team defended its company honor in the area of sport.



Placement of "ROSAVA" sportsmen looks as follows. The highest performance was showed in beach volleyball and resulted in winning of volleyball champions cup.

Table tennis sportsmen took the second place; chess sportsmen and athletes - the third; arm wrestler - the fourth and football players - the fifth.

"ROSAVA" company congratulates its sports team and all competitors on high achievements in Spartakiad! Our company expresses as well its deep gratitude to those who arranged the competitions and definitely supports the wish of all competitors to carry on the Spartakiad tradition.  



ROSAVA company takes care of children

On the eve of the International Children’s Day, annually celebrated on 1 June, Private JSC ROSAVA being a socially responsible company, congratulated children who lack parent care and protection. “This good and touching holiday combined not only carefree merry childhood, but responsibility of adults for young generation. This is a common duty of state, society and parents. ROSAVA company has a social program for supporting disabled children and orphans. We do our best to help such children, said N. Foksha, Chief of Administrative Services. Traditionally, we congratulated children from children’s home «Voloshka» which is under our patronage and presented schoolbags and school kits to the kids who were entering to school.


Children from Belaya Tserkov Regional Specialized Children’s Home were glad to get gifts. Educational toys and books were presented to all children".



ROSAVA company gave particular attention to orphans and disabled children of our employees. Two of them are school leavers. All children received gift certificates ranging from 200 to 400 UAH.
Supporting annual city social events, we took part in the event "Belaya Tserkov reaches out to children" which was held under the patronage of V. Savchuk, the Mayor. Nina R., orphan, graduate from school No.1 received a gift certificate to purchase household appliances for 1000 UAH.


ROSAVA employees celebrated their professional holiday

Thousand employees of the tyre factory, representatives of all production departments and services gathered on May, 24 in the Culture Center "ROSAVA”, where the celebration dedicated to the Day of Chemical Industry took place.

ROSAVA tyres were exhibited in the lobby of Culture Center.
On that day the best employees of the factory who achieved high results in their profession were honored in festive atmosphere.

Vadim Tatus, Chairman of the Board - General Director on behalf of the company management congratulated all colleagues who were present at the ceremony and all staff of ROSAVA. He thanked the employees for their great contribution and high qualification, and opened the awards ceremony. More than 150 best employees, labor veterans, plant award winners were handed certificates of appreciation and money rewards.

Sergey Gerus, senior representative of the Kiev Region Trade Union Council of Employees of Chemical and Petrochemical Industry, joined to congratulations and rewarding.

Everybody was especially touched by congratulations of preschoolers from children’s home "Voloshka" that is supported by ROSAVA company.
The gala concert was impressively performed by actors of the Saksagansky Kiev Region Academic Music and Drama Theatre. Documentary film “40th anniversary of ROSAVA” and greeting video for the occasion, prepared by PR Department and 5-D studio, were shown.

It has become a tradition on that day to honor the memory of Mikhail Mitrofanov, the first Director of the tyre factory, and put flowers to his bas-relief.




Vadim Tatus, Chairman of the Board - General Director, presents certificates of appreciation and money rewards.







Congratulations of children from “Voloshka” children’s home.



Flower-laying ceremony at the M. Mitrofanov bas-relief.




Physical culture and sports development

Ice fishing competitions

In order to promote healthy lifestyle and popularize fishing sport the ice fishing competition was held on frosty days in January. The event was supported by trade union of JSC and PJSC ROSAVA as well as sports club “ROSAVA”. Representatives of production departments and services of ROSAVA company participated as sport-fishermen.

Despite of unfavorable weather conditions the participants demonstrated professional skills and shared their own experience and secrets for successful winter fishing. Desire to win and good management of the competition contributed to this. Team of the sports club "ROSAVA" as well as out-of-door hot meal cooked by its instructor encouraged the sportsmen!

The results of the competition were announced at once. The winners were decided. The best sport-fishermen in winter fishing 2013 are: Mikhail Tokovy - 1st place , Vladimir Gapchuk - 2nd place , Igor Zakruzhitskyi- 3rd place. The best participants in the categories "The largest number of tails caught" and "The biggest fish" were also rewarded. The coordinators of the event handed certificates and diplomas to the winners and awardees. AA of the participants had an excellent opportunity to fish in friendly company.








"Paintings of Our Children" - the calendar for year 2013 from ROSAVA company released as a part of social projects

Social policy of ROSAVA company covers a variety of issues affecting the interests of employees and their families in the field of education, health care and social protection. A lot of events are aimed to support children of Belaya Tserkov children’s homes, children who lack parental care and disabled children. Besides, the company contributes to support of intellectual, cultural and sports programs, it discovers and supports young talents.

For almost eight years children from 6 to 15 years old, whose parents work at ROSAVA company, has been attending the Children's Activity Center on free of charge basis. Their paintings are exhibited in municipal and regional showrooms and drawing contests. Winners receive diplomas and presents, the best paintings are selected for annual corporate calendar "Paintings of Our Children". This year, the top 25 paintings are taken for publication in 3 versions of calendar for year 2013: wall calendar, poster and desk diary.

Pictures of desk diary and wall calendar



Children visiting ROSAVA on the Old New Year’s Day

Following a good tradition, children from Belaya Tserkov children’s home "Voloshka" sponsored by ROSAVA come to the company office on the Old New Year’s Day to wish the employees joy, welfare and prosperity.

They have visited the company this year as well. Following the Ukrainian traditions and folkways they congratulated managers and employees with festive verses, folk songs and rhymes whishing good luck, health and prosperity. Employees of tyre company met them heartily, having prepared in their turn sweets and gifts. It was nice to see warm smiles of adults and happy faces of children who were glad to get presents.


On the New Year’s Eve representatives of ROSAVA company visited children under the patronage

Everybody knows that all children have two the most favorite holidays - birthday and New Year. Therefore representatives of ROSAVA company management N. Foksha, Chief of Administrative Services and S. Vinichenko, Head of Administrative and Social Department visited children of children’s home “Voloshka” which is under the patronage of ROSAVA, to give holiday joy to little boys and girls who are deprived of mother love.

Representatives of the tyre company gave children sweet presents as well as invitations for the Chidren’s New Year party in ROSAVA Culture Center. Children, in their turn, presented a wonderful concert and a New Year fairytale.


Gifts for children under patronage on the eve of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities

For several years, activity of "ROSAVA” company is being devoted to charity and mercy to people who are in need of assistance and care.

Disabled children of the company employees who receive aid are registered at social and administrative department. On the eve of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities they got presents.

The company's administration has shown mercy providing sponsorship for the Women’s Psychoneurology Hostel in the course of International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

According to Nickolai Foksha, Chief of Administrative Services of "ROSAVA" company, the concert that was specially prepared for guests by women of the Psychoneurology Hostel was very touching. Women with disabilities not only sang, but danced as well, what is especially hard to do for people with such problems. Women of the Psychoneurology Hostel exhibited their paintings, embroideries and various handcrafted items.

Representatives of the company administration gave disabled women presents wishing them all the best, good health and abundance. Through their hearts they received the sincere "thank you" as an entreaty to support them and care about their fates in future.

Beginning of the school year with ROSAVA

One of the most highlight corporate events of ROSAVA is the Day of Knowledge – September 1. As a matter of fact, hundreds of children of employees sit at their desks on that day. Annually the management of ROSAVA company congratulates them on this holiday at school opening exercises and arranges a big celebration with concert and gifts for the youngest guests of honour- first graders!
  This year’s celebration for first-graders was held in the Saksagansky Kiev Regional Academic Music-Drama Theater. The theatre actors prepared competitive and entertaining program for young schoolchildren and their parents. First-graders themselves had opportunity to show their creativity, quick-wits and cleverness in different competitions. At the end of the concert all children received gifts from the administration of Private JSC ROSAVA.

With the start of the new school year representatives of the ROSAVA administration congratulated as well the students of Belaya Tserkov Mechanics and Energy Technical College under their patronage, which this year also celebrates its 40th anniversary. Long-term partnership connects ROSAVA with this educational institution - students do practical training in the enterprise, specialists of the factory are involved in evaluation of quality level of their vocational training. Many college graduates start their career at ROSAVA.