• Provided that operating, transportation and storage regulations are observed the company guarantees:
  • Advices, which will, no doubt, be useful for drivers and help to extend tyre performance life.
  • Tyre marking
  • By their construction tyres can be bias and radial
  • TYRE is rubber or steel (on carts) ring, case on wheel rim. Automobile tyre is an elastic case which contacts the road and cushions impacts and absorbs road bumping.

6,25-10 В-97Б
Tyre size 6,25-10
Model of tyre В-97Б
Tyre construction Diagonal
Type of tread pattern Multi-purpose
Camera 6,25-10
Type of valve ГК-95, ГК-115
Maximum load , kgs 1150
Flap -
Pressure according
to max. load , kg/sm2
Load index 113
Rim recommended 5,0
Rim permitted 5,0
Overall diameter , mm 536
Section width, no more , mm 168
Static radius , mm 250
Speed limit , km/h,
Speed category index
Ply rating 8
Designation of tyre Main applications of this tyre are forklifts and electric loaders rated up to 2 tons.
Low-profile bias tyre with multil-purpose tread pattern. Designed used on hard paved roads (asphalt, concrete, etc.) during loading operations at indoor and outdoor warehouses in the sea, river and airoprts, and railways.
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