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  • Tyre marking
  • By their construction tyres can be bias and radial
  • TYRE is rubber or steel (on carts) ring, case on wheel rim. Automobile tyre is an elastic case which contacts the road and cushions impacts and absorbs road bumping.

Золотая медаль за шины для легковых автомобилей
175/70R14 WQ-101
Tyre size 175/70R14
Model of tyre WQ-101
Tyre construction Radial
Type of tread pattern Winter directional tread pattern
Type of tyre Tubeless
Type of valve ЛБ
Maximum load , kgs 500
Pressure according
to max. load , kg/sm2
Load index 84
Rim recommended 5,00B; 5J
Rim permitted 4 1/2J; 5,50B; 5 1/2 J; 6J
Overall diameter , mm 606
Section width, no more , mm 176 on a rim 5J
Speed limit , km/h,
Speed category index
Directional symmetric tread pattern with V-shaped elements as well as increased number of lamellas greatly improve traction characteristics and ensure good handing on a snowy road.
Improved braking is provided by compact tread blocks which are responsible for the largest contact of the tyre with a road.
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