Tandem for good luck


CJSC "Rosava" successfully cooperates with well-known Kiev advertising agency "Kaffeine Communications". In spite of the fact that our joint work started only in February, we carried out TM ROSAVA re-branding as well as arranged and realized supporting spring advertising campaign.

Last years CJSC "Rosava" demonstrated its dynamic progress. The enterprise does not intend to stop half-way and tends to achieve higher level. In this connection, within the framework of the advertising campaign "Rosava" logo was renewed. The new logo looks more up-to-date and dynamic. It makes TM ROSAVA perception as rapidly developing and Europe integrated brand.

New slogan "We know roads - roads know us!" is a logical development of previous motto of "Rosava" brand - "Our tyres for our roads!" It also communicates a new image of the product, which is well-known on our roads and is also reliable and dear as a tried friend.

The idea of amicable communication is the main topic of the spring advertising campaign. All advertisements are based on driver aphorisms which have been invented by "Kaffeine Communications".

During the campaign the new product of CJSC "Rosava", high-speed tyre BC-59 is promoted. Advantages of the new tyre are the following: lower noise level, better roadability on wet and dry road, good aquaplaning elimination. These advantages of up-to-date tyres are presented in radio advertising reels and widely covered in mass media.

At present annual communicative PR-program is being developed in order to make promotion of Rosava brand 2006. Market launching of the new product, attraction of new customers groups and promotion of company image are the goal of the future PR-campaign.

New product manufacturing, updating and modernization of facilities, keeping and enlarging of the market are constant features of CJSC "Rosava".