ROSAVA: successful development



1In May 15 at automobile racetrack in Kiev CJSC "Rosava" presented its innovation development - high-speed summer tyre BC-59. Igor Molyar was the presenter of test-drive.

"Two years ago CJSC "Rosava" purchased new equipment for tyre production as well as special software for tyre designing which allow calculation of all performance characteristics of tyres on the stage of design.
BC-59 is the first-born tyre of our new equipment. It is a completely new product. We are prepared to manufacture medium-class tyres and have all resources for that," - said R. Naumenko, Chairman of the Board - General Director of CJSC "Rosava". He also noticed that he was critical to the tests and waiting for absolutely objective appraisal.

"Tyre BC-59 has successfully opened summer tyre sale season this year. It has already gained sympathy of customers and partners," - said S. Maklakov, Director in Commerce.

Y. Chertok, the Deputy Head of Tyre Designing Department of CJSC "Rosava" spoke in more detail about technical characteristics of the new tyre. To his mind the new tyre is revolutionary for "Rosava". "For the first time the tread made of three rubbers is used at the enterprise. It guarantees higher traction characteristics, lower heat generation and high speed. Directional tread pattern ensures water drainage at rainy weather, that is dries the contact area quickly and effectively for safety driving. Each element of the tread pattern is higher in its starting point, therefore excellent water dispersion leads to superior water drainage. Traction on wet road is improved, especially at turning, overtaking etc..."

Representatives of CJSC "Rosava", guests and journalists of Ukrainian newspapers, magazines, TV programs, internet sites on automobile subjects were able to watch the tests, which were carried out by skilled and experienced race-drivers as well as to test in practice quality of the new product driving three automobiles: VAZ, Daewoo Lanos and Honda Civic.

At the beginning of the test-drive it started raining creating ideal conditions for the new tyre testing. All attendants were satisfied with the testing of tyre BC-59. According to the opinion of the race-drivers, who know well tyres of CJSC "Rosava", the new tyre has higher quality level.

"The tyres were used in sever conditions and showed excellent results," - said a participant of the test-drive Sergey Lukyanchuk. "Tyre BC-59 is competitive together with European tyres," - said Yury Protasov.

Tyre BC-59 is the reference point on a new stage of "Rosava" development.