Rosava's tires for agriculture technique pass tests


The information about operational tests of tires 30,5L- 32 model Ф-136 by CJSC "Rosava" Belaya Tserkov, Ukraine.

The tires 30,5L-32 model Ф-136 of by CJSC "Rosava" were maintained on drive wheels of combines of "Don - 2600" and rotor combines RSМ-181 Poltava's МТS of Krasnodar district in harvest seasons 2006 - 2007 гг.

The combines worked on harvest of rice, spike grains, sunflower and corn. The combines worked in a high-speed mode under various weather conditions.

The productivity on the rice checks was at a level 110 centner/ hectare, at harvest of corn 90 - 100 centner/ hectare.

During harvest there were no remarks on tires operation. The tires have ensured uninterrupted high-efficiency work of combines. Especially well tires have shown itself during work on soft and wet soils.

The tires have excellent propulsion performance characteristics at the expense of presence high cleat.

The tires stably work at the increased loadings, which arise at the maximal filling of grain bunkers.


The trunks 30,5L-32 model Ф-136 by CJSC "Rosava" provide reliable work of combines at harvest of rice and other agricultural cultures.

The director of the Poltava's station of Krasnodar district Nikulin V.R.