Presentation of new equipment, new product


Пресс-турIn September 15, 2006 "Rosava" organized a press-tour for representatives of specialized mass media. More than 30 journalists of such well-known professional editions as "Avtocentr", "Avtobazar", "Shina plus", "Avtomir", "Avtophotoprodazha", "Avtoexpert" as well as TV channels UT-1, ICTV and TV program "Park of automobile period" took part in this event.

During the press-tour the top management of the company announced new potentialities of CJSC "Rosava", presented new equipment and new product - medium-class tyres of WQ series.

During the event the guests visited the tyre designing department, the tyre building and curing shops and got the knowledge of tyre manufacturing process.

пресс-турThe new Triplex extrusion line of German company Berstorff was presented to the guests, they were also shown the new product - WQ-101, WQ-102, WQ-103 - medium-class tyres manufactured on the new equipment.
During the meeting the mass media representatives made sure that the company is able to produce the product of European quality. They said: "We have known "Rosava" for many years. After we have been shown new technology and new product, we can say for sure that the company has changed for the better. Tyre quality has been improved. Directional tread patterns say for themselves. The impressions from this visit are very positive. Of course, we shall inform our readers of your achievements".