CJSC «Rosava» attracted huge interest at the exhibition «AgriHort 2007»


For the first time CJSC «Rosava» took part at the International agricultural and gardening exhibition Agrihort-2007 which took place in Kiev, February 13-15, 2007.

According to the results of the X International Exhibition guests and exhibitors expressed an active interest in the product manufactured by the company. More than 100 proposals for cooperation and purchasing offers for «Rosava» tyres were received from companies of all regions of Ukraine, SIC countries, Latvia, Hungary, France, Austria etc.

Exposition of CJSC «Rosava» (98 sq. m) drew attention by its up-to-date design, consistent corporate style and, of course, with the presented range of tyres.

Four main groups of tyres for agricultural and road-building machines, trucks, light trucks and passenger cars were presented at the stand. Together with TM ROSAVA product tyres with VALSA trade mark (heavy tyres) were exhibited.

CJSC «Rosava» has enlarged the range of tyres due to the production facility of tyre factory № 2. The tyres which we manufacture and present at the exhibition are of high quality and conform to international standards - emphasized R. Naumenko, Chairman of the Board-General Director of CJSC «Rosava», in his TV-interview to central channels. Up to now we certified the heavy tyre production in accordance with international standard ISO 9001:2000. Implementation of up-to-date processes and usage of new equipment resulted in higher quality products which meet the requirements of our partners and customers. Conclusion of multiple contracts is the evidence of this. For example, at the end of 2006 we concluded a contract with «Rostselmash» combine factory (Russia) for the delivery of tyres for «Don» combines. Rubber compounds, which are manufactured at heavy tyre production, are delivered to five plants of the leading world company «Goodyear».

Together with the well-known tyre models new tyres for agricultural machines and passenger cars were also exhibited and attracted special attention. New radial tyre 15.5R38 TR-07 with cross-country tread pattern is designed for tractors UMZ, MTZ of 1,4t category (drive wheels) as well as for other agricultural machines. High level of tread pattern self-cleaning and low area pressure on soil will guarantee good performance of the tyre on plough-soil and off-roads.  Tyre 155R38 TR-07 gives our customers the opportunity to get a full set of tyres for tractors MTZ-82 category. One more new tyre 30.5R32 Ф-81 recently was successfully tested at the Research Centre of Heavy Tyres Scientific Research Institute (Dnepropetrovsk). It is designed as an original tyre for tractors K-701M and K-701МБ which are manufactured at JSC «Kirovsky Zavod» (St. Petersburg).

New generation of passenger car tyres also attracted great interest at the exhibition. These are medium-class tyres - winter tyre of WQ series as well as summer tyre of SQ-201 Aqualine series.  The latter was specially developed by the company for the forthcoming summer season. The new tyre has directional tread pattern and improved rubber compound composition. The tyre guarantees high technical characteristics and customer demand. It is designed for foreign cars of economy-class such as Daewoo, Chevrolet, Skoda as well as for new VAZ models.

«I think that the participation at the International Exhibition «AgriНort-2007» is highly important for CJSC «Rosava», - said O. Shurpach. We wanted to inform the consumers of the essential changes which were carried out at the company for the last years. First of all it was a large-scale investment program oriented to the production of advanced technology products. We hope that the exhibition gave the opportunity to its multiple visitors and our customers to learn more about the product of CJSC «Rosava». We are looking forward to get a large number of proposals for cooperation.»


AgriHort 2007
 AgriHort 2007