« Journalistic testing tires of medium-class SQ Aqualine »


On the eve of summer were started with the project « Journalistic testing of medium-class tires SQ Aqualine ».

The journalists from known auto publications took part in it, which were present on a press conference and presentations of a novelty - tires SQ Aqualine series in Kiev.

The serious interest, was called among journalists, to new generation of summer tires, & their propositions about testing, also have served for creation of this project.

For its realization the "Rosava" company has given to publishers complete set of SQ tires, and for active participants even more than one set, for installation them on edition's cars. To the journalists was presented not only practical opportunity to familiarize with the Ukrainian tires, but also to inform the subjective sensations with the experts CJSC "Rosava".

Besides, within summer the information about course of realization of journalistic testing of tires SQ Aqualine will be placed in such magazines as "Auto centre", "Auto Market", " Motor News ", "Auto Express ", "Auto sale" etc.

Three weeks have passed from the moment of start the project.

From responses of the experts - journalists the automobile with tires SQ behaves very predictably. Happy were found such downpour, that wipers worked hardly. In such situation of SQ really submit wet roads! On dry and wet roads, on turns is marked excellent controllability. During movement you can "feel the road", drive become more comfortable. Noise took level of the European tires manufacturers.

To winter seasons 2006-2007 the new generation of winter tires of a medium-class of WQ series, and to this summer season - series SQ Aqualine is issued. The directed tread pattern, technologically advanced structure of rubber, application of new constructional materials was ensured to new tires with the best characteristics, higher operational properties. The new generations of tires are suit for foreign economy-class cars, and also for new models of VAZ.