New generation of summer tyres SQ-201



New generation of summer tyres SQ-201 is designed for safe car handling especially on wet road surface as well as for minimizing of aquaplaning risk.

For solution of these important tasks, all details from tread pattern to carcass construction were taken into consideration and worked out.

Tread with up-to-date design has directional pattern and technologically improved rubber compound what guarantees excellent tyre performance at high speed even at rainy weather.

Wide directional tread pattern has a great number of sipes which contain a lot of curved longitudinal and cross slots being enlarged towards shoulder area. Such combination of the elements results in more efficient water drainage from the contact area with wet surface. Water spreading at both sides of the tread provides good aquaplaning resistance.

Due to new tread compound the new tyre has shorter braking distance, good traction with wet or dry road. The tread is manufactured of three technologically improved silica rubber compounds.

Usage of the new material in carcass construction that is polyester cord results in less deformation at sharp turning, braking and overtaking.

Besides the new material reduces side wall vibration what results in lower noise level. This is the main advantage of the new tyre SQ-201.

The elements of directional tread pattern -not high circumferential lugs and round ribs - ensure low noise level as well and guarantee comfort driving.

A new range of summer tyres SQ-201 is presented in 7 tyre sizes with H (210) speed index:

175/70R13 , 185/60R14 , 185/65R14 , 185/70R14 , 185/65R15 , 195/65R15 , 205/65R15 .

The new generation of summer tyres SQ-201 is designed for "economy class" cars such as Daewoo, Ford, Chevrolet and latest models of VAZ.