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Economy rally "Skoda. Grand Prix Ukraine" was spent during three years & became as good tradition. This year rally has passed in four cities (Kharkov, Kiev, Khmelnitskiy and Odessa). The Rosava company represented was a partner of this measure. In every city the company gave 2 complete sets of summer tires SQ series, which were established on participant's cars.

At competing there was an opportunity to show itself in a role of the economical drivers and to test tires SQ.



Some teams have informed their impressions:

"First of all, I want to say, that the quality of driving in greater degree (on 90 %), depends of the automobile, than from tires. But in extreme situations, and truly, expect only for tires and brakes. As economy-rally not extreme and on the contrary more measured measure, "to test" tires in difficult situations was not possible. Though, with my navigator I had to travel both on gravel and on sand. Tires shows well enough, and have deserved 4 (on a five-mark scale). Durability, scream and smell at start - such, as is necessary. In general good five point! The price is nice too "high quality for the reasonable price

It is possible to say, that tires SQ practically concede by nothing from the foreign manufacturers. Simply, still there is an opinion, that our tires not such as import. I consider, that Rosava has all opportunities to grow, and to develop further, up to premium segment ".

Gavrilov Maksim


Skoda Octavia A5 (2007)

The driver's experience till 2 years 

"Impressions from tires SQ? - I liked it. It holds a road well, and not very noisy. Certainly, did not get it in extreme conditions, because economy rally is quiet style of driving, but it brakes perfectly (it was necessary to test, honestly, to admit - did not expect). I had good attitude to tires Rosava always, and now on my car (Opel) I set Rosava. Most important thing, that is pleasant to me that they don't erase quickly & also by good price".



Skoda Octavia kombi (2005)

The driver's experience 5, 5 years

"As a whole, opinion on tires is good. Good braking, good manage, good durability, by previous experience. A bit "noisy" on speed like howl. But did not noticed any large difference with "import". Tried on an earth road, the tires behave well, hold a road, and normally enter into turns. Earlier was used Rosava. Certainly, it is enough to look at tread to see the difference."

Lishuk Vitaliy


Skoda Octavia Tour (2007)

The driver's experience 14 years

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