It is possible to win with Rosava tires!


On October 6 in Odessa was held the ending of Economy Rally "Skoda. Grand Prix Ukraine" competitions. The most economical winners participated in it. They passed the route with the minimal expense of fuel in competitions before.

 On start there were 170 teams after three semi-finals in Kharkov, Kiev and Khmelnitskiy. The rights to be called the most economical have won seventeen commands. During competitions the participants cheerfully and excitedly have spent time, also tried tires SQ-201 Aqualine TM Rosava and were convinced of the completely new improved quality.

The company Rosava could not deprive of attention and care of the consumers, that's why on the ending of competitions has increased quantity of nominations. The team №6 was awarded "For loyalty to TM Rosava ", on which automobile were set the tires TM Rosava. To express that warm, with which we create tires, two thermo-sittings were presented to the winners. Team 12, with original design with stickers by TM Rosava was awarded "For creativity". Meaning that our company cares of you in any weather the driver and navigator have received umbrellas. The winners by most original nominations "For disbelief in superstitions" became the members of command №13, and two remarkable multifunctional switchers would help difficult minute.

During realization rally, one of teams had an unpleasant incident - tires of their car have crashed... As a consolatory prize the "Rosava" company will present the complete set of winter tires WQ!

The "Rosava" company thanks all participants of Economy Rally "Skoda. Grand Prix Ukraine" for your passion and aspiration to a victory, which will inspire us on development of production with character of the winner! We are glad, that became the partners in organization of this measure!