Start of work of new equipment


Largest manufacturer of tyres in Ukraine CJSC Rosava known by its product in 53 countries of the world, modernizes its manufacture by high-tech equipment. 5 business - projects, which were developed in 2007, introduced in life. One of the projects - installation of the new equipment of the Samsung company from Limited Company "Compressors International" (3 compressors, 3 coolers and 3 blocks dehydrators of air) is successfully completed. July 1 was the start of this system with participation of  management of the company chairman of the company - general director Naumenko R. and technical director Daliba A.  


 Up to the end of 2008 the company plans to realize some more business - projects, and it means, that soon modern "know-how" on the new equipment from worldwide manufacturers will be introduced.