The consumer test of medium-class tires proceeds

On the end of all-Ukrainian share "Taxing? Do not pull rubber", which was spent by Rosava company together with "Russian radio", 24 winners from 16 cities of Ukraine were determined. All luckies have received from the Rosava company a complete set of winter tires WQ ICE.

The owners of the main prize before a winter season will change tires and will continue the consumer test of tires of a medium-class.

Tires will test by the professionals - drivers of a taxi. Many auto fans listen to their opinion, the passengers trust life and safety to their skills. All winter tires will be under the rigid control, will help and to gain the taxi drivers at the moments, when the winter will show itself in all beauty on roads of Ukraine. And we are sure in our product and we will be happy, if the tires will help you in difficult road situations.

About "behaviour" of tires on roads we will find out from telephone interviews to the winners, which results will be placed on a site of the company and will sound in an ether of "Russian of radio" of November 10-14.