It's time to change summer tires on winter


Autumn passes, winter will come soon. Though, still sun shines brightly, but in the morning you can already felt first frozen touches. Leaves fall down, the birds fly away to the south - nature prepares for meeting winter. And you also do not forget to prepare your car for winter. Take care about your safety!

 To change summer tires on winter is necessary at daily average temperature from 5-7ºC. For manufacturing of summer and winter tires is used different rubber mixes. The summer tires at low temperatures lose their elasticity, and, as the consequence, their coupling with a road is reduced - than more rigidly tread, the brake way more. Winter tires become rigid on a frost just up to that degree when they ensure necessary coupling of wheels with a road. It is important to note also, that those who, with the purposes of economy, puts winter rubber only on a conducting axis of the automobile or on second leaving summer complete set of tires, strongly risk. The difference of factors of coupling summer and winter (especially snow tires!) tires is so great, that "dressed" in summer tires the will be inevitable to leave in drift. All four wheels should be of identical seasonal prevalence and it is desirable for one model, as at various models of tire covers also the various running characteristics.

     The Rosava company took care about your comfort and safety in winter, created tires of new generation WQ ICE. These tires you can get in the certificated partner shops of our dealers.