"Rosava" lead on the market new modern tyre models


  The "Rosava" company which production has received recognition in 53 countries of the world, constantly develops and lead on the market new modern tyre models for 4 basic groups of transport.

In September of this year on manufacture of large-sized tires CJSC Rosava were produced 3 new models (10.075-15.3 Ф-274, 13.6R38 TR-07, 21.3-24 ИЯВ-79У) for agricultural technique. The novelties successfully pass shop tests and will be soon put on serial manufacture.

10.075-15.3 Ф-274 -   tyre of bias construction which has high elasticity properties. All-purpose tread pattern ensures good self-cleaning and   excellent performance on all types of soil. Usage: load-carrying wheels for  combine harvesters: «Maral», «Polesie», «Niva». Tillage machines "Horsch Terrano", "Fracomb", "Chervona Zirka"  etc. Seeding and other agricultural machines.



 13.6R38 TR-07 - efficient tyre with improved balanced properties and performance characteristics at the worldwide analogues level. Modified shape of edge lugs ensures advanced traction features and good self-cleaning on wet soil. Low specific pressure on soil. Good contact area with soil surface provides perfect performance on dry and wet soil as well as on roads with various types of surface at different weather conditions.

Usage: drive wheels for tractors 1.4 ЮМЗ, МТЗ and other agricultural machines as well as for excavators on the base of ЮМЗ and МТЗ tractors.

21.3-24 ИЯВ-79У -  standard tractor tread with  specific multi-element pattern in the centre provides good self-cleaning and reliable traction features. Average and maximum soil pressure corresponds to the worldwide standard level. Traction features meet the requirements of up to date agricultural equipment.

- Tractors of 3,0 drawbar category  "Т-150К", Case lll MX 270
Combine harvesters "Borisphen  МКС-200",  "Enisei -1200", "Kolos",  "СК-6", "Niva",  "СК5-М-1",  "СК-4".
- Corn combine "
- Potato combine"
- Beet harvester "Dnepr"
Cocker  "Аtеk-999ЕС"