WQ - 102


WQ ICE - 102

On ice as on asphalt.


Safety on icy and snowy road reliable traction and stability on the most adverse weather conditions.

Improvement of traction on 8 % provides:
  • Directed figure tread;
  • Silica and fine carbon in a rubber mix;
  • Three rubbers mixes use for preservation of elasticity of tread figure; at low temperatures;
  • Special elements with effect similar to effect of thorns;
  • Opportunity to make studded tread;
  • Step form of parts of tires in shoulder for good passableness on high snow Lengthened solder pads with a plenty edges of traction;
  • The chess arrangement of flutes in addition raises stability of the automobile on turns.
  • Improved reaction on a rudder;
  • Excellent braking on icy road.
Excellent draft:
  • Perfect roadhold on icy and snowy road.
Protection from aquaplaning:
  • Stability on wet and snowy road.
  • Increase of run of the tires at 5 % - one of the best parameters in this segment of winter tires.
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