WQ - 103


WQ ICE - 103

Winter with comfort.

185/65R14 86S
185/70R14 88S
195/70R14 91S

Perfect manage and excellent braking on icy road.

The exclusive brake characteristics on icy road which provided by:
  • The area of contact zone of tires with a surface is increased by 6 %;
  • New special rubber mix is used in tread;
  • In tread appeared new compact blocks for the maximal contact tyre with road.
  • Reliable traction and stability on snowy road;
  • Protection from aquaplaning.
  • Excellent roadhold on snowy road.
  • Decrease of noise and vibrations.
  • Increased durability;
  • Economy of fuel.
The new directed symmetric figure of tread with parallel central parts improves reaction on a rudder and together with the increased quantity of solder pads provides excellent manage on snow.

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