One more test of SQ Aqualine

Experts of a magazine "Autocentre" have confirmed competitiveness with foreign analogues and conformity to it´s medium - segment.
Last summer the experts of the "Autocentre together with scientific centre «Test » for the first time have lead tests of medium - class tires. Into the list together with 10 foreign tyres was included first in Ukraine medium - class tires ROSAVA SQ Aqualine. The results of the tests are published in one of March publication of 2009.
Magazine "Autocentre" marks: "To the test - group was pose a some questions: whether is these inexpensive tires cost it´s money, whether is reasonably to overpay for tires of premium segment, how Ukrainian tire ROSAVA SQ Aqualine looks near to the foreign competitors.
After realization of the tests the experts have noted: “Rosava really has created a product of medium segment, which is capable to compete to foreign analogues. Besides, this tires is strong at an estimation price / quality ».
During manufacturing of tires experts of the Rosava company put before themselves the following tasks: the maintenance of high parameters of safety, comfort, profitability at the expense of unique tread pattern, application of new constructional materials and new receipt of rubber mixes, uses of the new equipment, which is entered into operation in 2005 - 2008.

The independent testing has confirmed:
Excellent coupling - tread consists three new rubber mixes.
Protection from aquaplaning - unique tread pattern – like a “dolphin´s nose“.
Reliance on various turns of roads – strengthen of sidewall.
Stability on turns and at passings - carcass of tire includes polyester cord.
Effective heatsink - special subtread layer.
The economy of fuel - is reduced rolling motion.
The best ratio of price / quality in the Ukrainian market.

During realization of the tests SQ Aqualine has shown good results in many tests. Let´s see only some of them:

Fig. 1 Stability to aquaplaning in turn


Fig. 2 Stability to aquaplaning on a straight road


Fig. 3 Cross adhesion characteristics on wet asphalt


Fig. 4 Controllability on dry asphalt


Fig. 5 Parameters of comfort

Except above-stated tests it is pleasant to note, that on ecology parameters ROSAVA tires SQ Aqualine satisfy the requirements of ISO 21461.
In a result it is possible to make a conclusion, that medium-class tires ROSAVA SQ Aqualine have occupied a worthy place among the competitors, and if to estimate a parameter a ratio the price / quality, it is possible with confidence to say, that in this category tires occupy one of leading places.