Double protection of winter tyres


«Rosava» company opened autumn-winter season with a new loyalty program «WQ-WARRANTY!» by means of which the manufacturer guarantees double protection of winter tyres of WQ series.

I n accordance with GOST 4754-97 passenger car tyres manufactured by CJSC «Rosava» have manufacturer’s warranty for the period of 5 years from a production date. This warranty is valid in case transportation, storage and usage conditions are observed. 

For the first time «Rosava» company provides an additional guarantee for medium class winter tyres of WQ series for one year period from a purchase date of a tyre set (4 tyres). The program was launched on the first of September of the current year and is valid in the sales outlets which are participants of «WQ-WARRANTY!» program in the territory of Ukraine.

In accordance with the program conditions a Buyer who purchases a set of winter tyres of WQ series (4 pieces) will get an additional guarantee from the manufacturer. In case of an operational defect these tyres are repaired free of charge only in the sales outlet where the set of tyres was bought. Thus a driver gets double protection of winter tyres.

The loyalty program «WQ-WARRANTY!» is valid in the territory of Ukraine and covers only operational defects such as punctures and breaks.