“ROSAVA” company has exported to Germany a large lot of winter tyres of WQ series



Every year WQ winter tyres of TM “ROSAVA” have become more and more popular, they are in great demand not only in Ukraine. Deliveries on export have recently increased greately. Shipments to European countries rose by 4 times while to CIS countries by 1,5 times.
On request of trade partners from Germany “ROSAVA” company has shipped 5000 winter tyres of WQ series since the beginning of December. Last year these tyres showed perfect performance in severe conditions of harsh European winter. In accordance with rigid environmental requirements of EC from the year 2010 connected with usage of environmentally friendly oils in rubber compounds, WQ tyres meet established standards.
     Sales of winter tyres were boosted by European countries laws on usage of winter tyres according to which drivers are required to use tyres upon weather conditions, that is in winter it is necessary to provide vehicles with winter tyres.
One of the advantages of WQ tyres is optimum price/quality ratio. “ROSAVA” company sales WQ tyres not only in domestic market in Ukraine, but also it exports them to 27 countries of the world.