Tyres of WQ series have being tested on winter roads


Winter season has once again proved to drivers that there is no bad weather, there are just unsuitable shoes. Consumers who gave their preference to the tyres of TM "Rosava" WQ series had opportunity to enjoy New Year holidays having forgotten about difficulties of driving on snow-covered roads.


Some of them shared their impressions:


Konstantin Demidov, Chevrolet Aveo  

"On December 16 it snowed so much in Odessa that nobody seen before. The life in the city stopped. The city roads were not cleaned, snowdrifts everywhere..... People left their cars just in the middle of the roads, they could not pass. With my WQ-103 tyres I did not slip even once!!! The car easily drove in snow and I felt perfect!!! Jeeps with their "cool" tyres were slipping next to me, but my WQ tyres moved forward and I was very grateful to "Rosava" for its quality. Thank you, Manufacturer!"  



"I am a manager for sales of auto parts in hypermarket chain. Among other tyres we offer "Rosava" winter tyres BC and WQ, not expensive segment. The sales rate is good. In 2009 I replaced old "Matador" tyres by "Rosava" WQ-102 on front wheels. It is not for advertising as sales season has already passed, the last days in December (21 - 25) were very snowy. You see, "Rosava" tyres behaved perfect!!!! Both in the yards and on a ring road! Before I had been driving for 1,5 month on bare asphalt (on ring road, as I replaced tyres in November) - ALL STUDS ARE ON THEIR PLACES!!!!

I was really surprised! I was happy for myself and for the drivers who purchased these tyres.

Dear "Rosava" people from Belaya Tserkov, THANK YOU!!!"   


Pavel, DAEWOO Lanos 1,6 SX

"On 25.10.2009 I mounted WQ-102 185/60/14 tyres. Up to now I have run 500 km. In the beginning it was noisy a little, but later they did not attract my attention. Till December I did not have a possibility to estimate them properly (Nikolaev is not Murmansk). But in December when it snowed so much, later it froze and the streets of Nikolaev thanks to work of our road service turned into tank tracks, I saw things clearly. Thank domestic Manufacturers! My Lanos drove as a tank in the places where "cool" jeeps with their summer tyres could not pass.   I drive every day at least 40 km with long ascending-descending grade. My car has never slid or skidded. I had to drive in foggy weather on icy road from Nikolaev to Odessa at speed 150 km/h. And as you see, I am still alive and share my opinion.

My point of view is our manufacturers are also able to produce good quality product. For our south winter it is the best solution, a good bargain. I am quite satisfied with my purchase".


"Rosava" company thanks the motorists who shared their opinions about consumer tests as well as will consider potential remarks with the aim of further improve of manufactured product.