TM “ROSAVA” tyres are becoming more and more popular in Europe and overseas.



Increasing of export and enlarging of sales markets is one of priority trends of “ROSAVA” company.

During the first quarter of year 2011 it was sold 80% more product than at the same period in 2010. Mr. P.Puskov, Deputy Commercial Director on export said: “We succeeded in sales increasing not only due to output expansion but also to sales of tyres of more expensive segment. Moreover, such results are achieved thanks to improved consumer’s characteristics of tyres, manufactured with use of new hi-tech equipment. These tyres meet European requirements on quality as well as REACH requirements on ecology.”

In the first quarter of year 2011 the company delivered to Germany 5 times more product than at the same period of last year. Among the large range of product there are passenger tyres including SQ tyres, and light truck tyres. The deliveries of our tyres to Turkey have increased at the same rate. After a half year slack the deliveries of truck tyres to Czech Republic have recommenced.

The company has been working on increasing of sales contracts as well as on searching of new partners. Starting from the second quarter the shipment of passenger tyres to a new customer in Latin America is in our plan. The negotiations about cooperation with a company from Spain are on their final stage what will open new business opportunities for “ROSAVA”.    

Quotation of Mr. P.Puskov, Deputy Commercial Director on export of CJSC “ROSAVA”, who refers to the point of view of foreign partners: “Tyres manufactured by CJSC “ROSAVA” are in great demand abroad due to several advantages such as perfect road gripping and high wearing qualities, road holding at turnings and reasonable price. If talking about passenger tyres, besides all above mentioned characteristics, it is also absence of stereotypical thinking of European motor-car enthusiasts that our tyres do not fit European cars”.