“ROSAVA” increased tyre sales volume


On the results of financial activity in the first half year 2011, “Rosava” increased tyre sales by 15,5% in comparison with the same period of year 2010, it sold 1 764 186 tyres. This index was reached due to 17,5% increase in sales of tyres for passenger cars. In the same period of the previous year it was sold 1 307 688 tyres of this group, in 2011 – 1 541 544 tyres. This was achieved due to enlargement of range with new tyre models which are in the market demand as well as due to 32,1% increase of “B” segment tyre sales which are of higher quality. 

Together with main range of tyres “ROSAVA” pays great attention to the development of agricultural tyres production. In comparison with the first 6 months of the previous year sales of these tyres 16,6% increased. Favorable tendency was influenced by some factors: modernization of heavy tyres production, development of new tyre models, improvement of consumer characteristics of tyres.

Sales proceeds for 6 months of 2011 makes 648 318 thousand UAH what demonstrates 64% increase in comparison with 2010.  Profit on operating activity has also increased up to 1 979 thousand UAH. In the first half year of previous year this index was 54 451 thousand UAH of negative profit. As a result, dead loss of the company 64% reduced and makes 31 446 thousand UAH.

Average wage of “ROSAVA” employees 20% increased and makes 3080 UAH.