“ROSAVA” updates its production facilities


On August, 4 the official representative of Harburg Freudenberger company Mr. E. Oldenburg visited the production site ROSAVA in order to give technological advice concerning the installation of new German equipment. The main issue of the meeting was discussing of bladder manufacturing process for Harburg Freudenberger tyre building machines using ROSAVA facilities.         

Using of bladder at tyre building is a new technology of bead details processing which was not used at the company earlier. The implementation of this technology will result in increasing of carcass turn-up height what will make tyres more stable and improve their performance.     

High turn-up of a carcass and distribution of splices along the circumference with the help of a special technology of innerliner application will improve product technical specifications as for force uniformity, static and dynamic balance. This factor will provide a possibility to manufacture high-speed tyre models.   

ROSAVA is planning to get the first tyre building machines of Harburg Freudenberger in October, the next supply is stipulated for November 2011.

Implementation of new technology will greatly improve the quality of manufactured product and optimize production process.