“ROSAVA” tyres have successfully passed certification


On the eve of autumn “ROSAVA” company run certification of winter and all-season tyre models in accordance with Rule 117 EEC UN for meeting the European requirements on gripping with a wet road. The tyres were checked in the Research Institute of Rubber Technologies (IGTT) in Czech Republic.

The most important characteristic for traffic safety in a raining season is good gripping. All the tyres checked fully correspond to the stipulated International standards in respect of gripping with a wet road.

The following tyre models well-known to our customers have passed certification:

-          winter tyres for passenger cars BC-46 Ledokol and BC-52 Winter Sprint;

-           passenger car tyres with all-purpose tread pattern BC-55, BC-56;

-          all-season tyres for light trucks БЦ-15, БЦ-24, БЦ-26;

-          all-season tyres for passenger cars BC-41, BC-54; БЦ-1, БЦ-19;

-          new – all-season passenger car tyre AS-701 with all-purpose tread pattern for crossovers and off-road vehicles.

New winter tyre Premiorri ViaMaggiore, which is manufactured at “ROSAVA” facilities within the frame of an off-take project, has also passed certification.

One more characteristic on which the tyres were checked is noise level. All certificated tyres fully correspond to the European standards on noise level stipulated in Rule 117 EEC UN.

In accordance with Rule 54 EEC UN, which regulates official certification of tyres for trucks, new truck tyre TM “ROSAVA” – 7.50R16LTA-401 N was certificated.