Safety on roads is the foundation for successful business; economic and social aspects


On the invitation of “Association of Safe Traffic” and Committee on logistics and transport and Committee on corporative social safety of the American Chamber of Trade and Commerce in Ukraine “ROSAVA” company took part in open meeting on the subject “Safety on roads is the foundation for successful business; economic and social aspects” which took place on June 23 in Kiev in the conference hall of American Chamber of Trade and Commerce in Ukraine

According to official returns 1 million 300 thousand people die in road accidents and about 50 million are injured annually all over the world. Taking this into account, on March 2, 2010 General Assembly of UNO took a resolution in which years 2011-2020 were proclaimed as the Decade of traffic safety. Its purpose is to reduce essentially human losses on roads.   

The President of “Association of Safe Traffic”, M. Berlin, Deputy Head of Department of SAI, S. Budnyk, Manager of Global Partnership on Traffic safety, Mrs. B. Kroll and others took part in the discussions. It was noticed, in particular, that the result of investigation of traffic accidents show that many drivers get behind the wheel being drunk, performance data don’t correspond to the running vehicles, tyres don’t correspond to their use and season, either they are used after the date of validity. That is why, first of all, regulations enforcing of people responsible for passenger transfer are being elaborated on legislation level.

The participants came to the conclusion that among any other problems, which need to be solved, there is the most important one – to change priorities in mentality. Safety first, then mobility.

«PJSC «ROSAVA», as socially responsible company, has being made its contribution into enhancement of level of traffic safety for a long time – said Mr. R.Rybachuk, Chairman of the Board – General Director. First of all, it is production of high quality tyres which provide safety. Besides, we implement training programs for customers, namely: use of tyres, rules on their storage and running, replacement of tyres depending on season and the end of tyre life».

Mr. R.Rybachuk considers that this program is of great importance and not only state, business, organizations of different status should be its supporters but also each citizen of the country. Working together we will manage to save millions of lives.