CJSC «ROSAVA» is renamed as Private Joint Stock Company «ROSAVA»


According to the decision of a regular general meeting of stockholders of CJSC «ROSAVA», Protocol No.29 from 29.04.2011, Closed Joint Stock Company «ROSAVA» (CJSC «ROSAVA») was renamed as Private Joint Stock Company «ROSAVA» (Private JSC «ROSAVA»). At the stockholders general meeting a new version of the Statute of the Private Joint Stock Company was approved.     

In accordance with acting legislation on April 29, 2011 the enterprise was re-registered by State Registration Department of Executive Committee of Belaya Tserkov City Council (Statute313531050023000610) and on 29.04.2011 the enterprise was entered into EGRPOU.

In accordance with the Statute the Private JSC «ROSAVA» is a successor and undertakes without exception all obligations of former CJSC «ROSAVA». Other entities of economical activity which have economic and financial relations with CJSC «ROSAVA» undertake without exception all their obligations to the successor, Private JSC «ROSAVA».

On 29.04.2011 the following persons entered into Supervisory Board:

V. Tatus - Chairman of SB of JSC «ROSAVA»

O. Kopystko - Member of SB of JSC «ROSAVA»

O. Slizkonos - Member of SB of JSC «ROSAVA»

L. Salata - Member of SB of JSC «ROSAVA»

V. Braginets - Inspector

R. Rybachuk - Chairman of the Board-General Director.