“ROSAVA” presents a new tyre model for off-road vehicles



“ROSAVA”, the company with dynamic progress, is permanently designing new tyre models which meet market requirements. Enlarging tyre range for passenger cars, the company designed a new model of all-season tyre 205/70R16 97Т AS-701 for crossovers and off-road vehicles. This tyre has got some particular characteristics and advantages.

A unique tread rubber compound reduces wearing and increases protection against damages what allows tyre running on earth road and cross-country. Soft under-tread rubber ply improves heat extraction, thus extending service life of the tyre, provides possibility of long driving at high speed.

A new tyre has successfully passed internal laboratory tests and certification in Europe upon International Rules 30 EEC UN (load and speed conformance). Besides, it passed European certification of correspondence with Rule 117 EEC UN (noise level and gripping with wet road) and Directions 92/23 EEC, 2001/43 EC (noise level).

We have already got preliminary orders for this new tyre model, it will come into the market in the nearest future.