«ROSAVA» company resumed the supply of tyres for trailers in Europe


In 2012 the company ROSAVA resumed the export of tyres as OE for trailers. As a result of received orders from the company «ETOP» (Slovakia) in the first quarter more than 40,000 tyres TRL-501 size 155/70R13 75N and 165/70R13 79N were shipped.

According to Pavel Puskov, Acting Commercial Director of PJSC ROSAVA: «The European car market has being revived after the economic crisis; manufacturers of trailers restore their positions. It shows positive and increasing sales of companies that supply components parts, including tyres. Therefore, the company plans to increase monthly production capacity to 30,000 tyres TRL-501 and to extend their supplies to the European manufacturers of trailers».

TRL-501 tyres have lightweight construction and are designed for low-speed transport, in particular, light-weight trailers. TRL-501 has a lower rolling resistance and low noise level. The tread pattern provides a high grip with the road, safe directional stability and good self-cleaning.