TM «ROSAVA» passenger car tyres with new labeling are shipped to Europe


In august «ROSAVA» has exported the first shipments of passenger car tyres with new labeling to European customers. The labels contain information on three key characteristics which are important for a consumer, namely, level of rolling resistance, level of gripping on wet surface and noise level.

The labeling shows results of tests passed by «ROSAVA» tyres which confirmed their compliance with new European requirements. The tests were carried out in Czech Research Institute of Rubber Technology (IGTT a.s.).

We remind you that according to the European Parliament Resolution since November 2012 passenger car tyres, light-truck and truck tyres exported to European Community must have new labeling. It is obligatory for all tyres manufactured after July 1, 2012. New standards of labeling are aimed at informing consumers about key characteristics of tyres, which are related to road safety, fuel consumption, level of environmental pollution and comfort.