ROSAVA company shared its experience of conquering of new markets at the international conference FORBES


In December, the first international conference, devoted to international trading and export, took place in Kiev. The conference was attended by representatives of the leading players of the export markets, financial institutions, expert agencies, investment companies and the government. The event addressed issues related to the trade aspects, including the possibility of Ukraine's participation in the international trading.

Pavel Puskov, Deputy General Director of sales for export, Private Joint Stock Company ROSAVA spoke on «Invaluable experience of conquering nontraditional markets». In his speech, he shared the information about entering new markets, which was highly appreciated by the participants of the conference, especially the companies which are starting to work in this direction. «Entering new nontraditional markets is a difficult, laborious and long process which needs a thorough preparation, - said Pavel Puskov.

Our company managed to succeed in this difficult task. Today, we supply tires to 60 countries and open new nontraditional markets, for example, Brazil and China. In our experience, we have to mention that every market has its own standards and particularities. It is impossible to use the same strategy for European and Asian markets. It is known that different methods and strategies are used to promote products in a new market». Besides, Pavel Puskov paid attention to possible difficulties for export which ROSAVA faced. In particular, failure to refund VAT, anti-dumping investigation and other factors, that negatively affect the creation of normal conditions of local export companies.

Photo: Igor Olehov - international law firm Baker & McKenzie, Pavel Puskov, Valery Pyatnitsky - Government Plenipotentiary for European Integration of Ukraine, Mihail Bno-Hayriyan - Executive Secretary of the Council of Foreign exporters in Ukraine (Foreign Affairs Ministery).

Pavel Puskov considers that the participation of ROSAVA company in the international conference is very important. It is a great opportunity to present a progress of foreign economical activity of ROSAVA company, which, having a long-term experience, searches new partners and spreads the geography of markets. It is worth attracting the attention of the authorities to remove obstacles, which arise from the state to the biggest national manufacturer and exporter of tires. In particular, failure to return the export VAT by the state limits the volume of export and has a negative impact on the stable operation of the company. In addition, the event of such a high level is an invaluable experience of communication with lots of successful companies, the opportunity to discuss issues and find the ways to solve them.