ROSAVA has started the installation of new high-tech tyre building machines operating on German technology


ROSAVA purchased new equipment from world leaders and started its installation. In particular, German specialists from Harburg-Freudenberger (Germany), the supplier of two tyre building machines, started to install them together with specialists of ROSAVA. This equipment provides "flat" method of tyre building, that is, the machines guarantee high accuracy for all tyre building processes with up-to-date   method of operation what will significantly increase the level of product quality.

According to the schedule of works the period from the equipment installation and commissioning till its acceptance and testing will take about 3 months.

We would like to remind that the total investment of the contract with Harburg-Freudenberger for purchasing and installation of two tyre building machines (combination of I and II stages)  is about 30 million UAH.