ROSAVA will soon produce innerliner using the newest technologies


By implementing a comprehensive program of production modernization, by the end of this summer the company ROSAVA plans to launch a range of high-tech equipment from the well-known manufacturers. High-performance manufacturing lines will produce tyres at the latest technologies.

Specialists in different areas of the tyre industry from supplier and customer step-by-step prepare the equipment for commissioning. As a result mechanic erection of a new extrusion line from the company Krauss Maffei Berstorff (Germany) for innerliner producing was finished and commissioning started

The implementation of new technology will result in producing of innerliner (airtight layer inside the tyre), up to 0.05 mm with a profile of a complex figuration, which consists already of 2 rubber compounds that will significantly improve the performance of the tyres.

We would like to remind that the total investment of the contract with the company Krauss Maffei Berstorff (Germany) for purchasing and installation of the extrusion line for innerliner manufacturing is about 24 million UAH.