ROSAVA has nominated 10 tires-bestsellers in 2012


According to the results of year 2012, ROSAVA has nominated 10 tires-bestsellers in all segments which got a high rating of product sales. Among them there are traditional tire models as well as new high-tech tires.

The best selling budget tire for passenger cars is a classical model БЦ-20 which has won several generations of car drivers by its characteristics. It should be noted, that the tire is popular not only in the domestic market, it is also a hit of sales in its segment in Russia, CIS and foreign markets.   

Among medium class tires for passenger cars the leading positions share winter tires WQ-102, a popular model in all markets, especially in Ukraine and Russia, and WQ-101 which is preferred by consumers from CIS and foreign countries. Summer tire SQ-201 is the best selling tire in all above mentioned markets.

In the list of the best selling tire models a relatively new product, manufactured under off-take projects, took its adequate place. These are passenger car tires: winter tires - Premiorri ViaMaggiore and summer tires - Premiorri Solazo. Quality of these tires is appreciated by consumers in Europe, CIS, America, as well as by car owners of Ukraine and Russia.

High ratings of sales in all markets are observed for commercial tires БЦ-24 (185/75R16C) and LTA-401 (7,50R16) . These results are achieved thanks to consumer characteristics of tires, which provide perfect combination of high mileage and comfort, fuel efficiency and excellent safety on roads with any road surface regardless of the season.

The highest positions are taken by two tire models in agricultural segment of heavy duty tires. In the list of top-10 tires there is low profile tire 30.5L-32 Ф-179 which is already known in Ukrainian, Russian, CIS and foreign markets  as well as a new radial  tire 650/75R32 TR-07 which has gained popularity in all markets within a short period of time. The tires are used for driving wheels of combines and other agricultural machinery. The tires provide reduced ground pressure and fuel saving.  The tread pattern provides stability and increased cross-country ability.


 БЦ-20  WQ-101  WQ-102  SQ-201  Premiorri ViaMaggiore



 Premiorri Solazo
  БЦ-24  LTA-401  Ф-179  TR-07