ROSAVA winter tyres have got good characteristics according to European tyre labeling system

“ROSAVA” company invested tens of millions US dollars in the production modernization over the last years. As a result, its production sites are equipped with high-tech lines of European brands and innovative technologies have been mastered. Two single stage tyre-building machines of HARBURG-FREUNDENBERGER company (Germany) are installed and operating, the extrusion line for innerliner manufacturing, BERSTORFF company (Germany) has come into operation, the line for cutting the shielding layer breaker and textile chafer strips which, by new technology, are wound up on steel breaker band at the machines, CALEMARD company (France).
Due to the innovations, the range of Belaya Tserkov passenger car tyres was expanded in relation to the increase of rim seat diameter up to 16 inches at present. For example, it applies to well known winter model WQ- 102 (205/55R16 91T) as well as new models.
Besides, tyre performance characteristics have been greatly improved since all operations of new lines are automated: starting from semi-finished products production to tyre building and curing. By precise application of all parts during tyre building, the quality of manufactured tyres has been consequently improved.
For example, winter tyre WQ- 10, well-known to consumers, is classified according to European labeling system as follows: wet grip by "C", rolling resistance by “F”, noise level by 71 dB (2nd class). Almost the same results has new product of 2012 - winter tyre SNOWGARD.