"ROSAVA" company strengthens its presence in the Brazilian market

    "ROSAVA" company took part in the Brazilian exhibition Pneushow - International Tire Industry Expo 2014 in April. More than 50 companies, mainly from Brazil, visited the exhibition stand of Ukrainian tyre manufacturer. Most of them are not merely familiar with the range of the output product, but also successfully sell it in this market. For example, such TM ROSAVA tyres as Quartum S49 (designed for the U.S. market), SQ- 201, as well as TM PREMIORRI tyres Solazo (off-take) found market acceptance. During numerous meetings and negotiations companies interested in cooperation have expressed a wish to present a wider range of products of "ROSAVA" company in the future. The tyres of other segments - commercial and agricultural tyres which are not represented in this market, aroused increased interest as well.
      "I am pleased to note that TM ROSAVA and TM PREMIORRI tyres gained the trust of consumers and are popular in this market - said Pavel Puskov, Deputy General Director on export, PJSC "ROSAVA". Besides, despite the Brazilian anti-dumping duties, the tyres of our company are still competitive and comply with the requirements of this market. Tyres with rim seat diameter of 13-14 inches which constitute the greater part of our passenger car tyre range are in demand in this region. But 15-16 inches tyres have recently become in demand as well, that can also be satisfied. Our company is working on this issue with potential partners".
     "ROSAVA" company expresses its gratitude to all who visited the stand and is ready to cooperate with companies on mutually beneficial basis! Please, send your offers to e-mail: