Happy New Season 2014-2015! Take Gifts!

         First cold autumn days remind us that winter is around the corner. Increasingly, in the morning the air temperature drops, not exceeding 6 degrees Celsius. Under these temperature conditions the driving of vehicles with summer tires becomes complicated.
       It is necessary to think of preparing your car for the new winter season 2014-2015. One of the key elements that ensure safety while driving is right tyres.
        Summer tyres should be changed for winter tyres when average daily temperature is 5-7 degrees Celsius above during the whole week. But first of all you should check your winter tyres and pay attention to tread wear. Perhaps it is time to mount new tyres according to tread wear indicator. “ROSAVA” company offers a wide range of tyres.
      For the new winter season 2014-2015 “ROSAVA” company designed a new winter tyre SNOWGARD suitable for studding and with directional tread pattern.
      New tyre model was designed on the basis of the friction tyre SNOWGARD that had been designed earlier and in no time became very popular among the customers. Good safety characteristics, roadability and driving comfort of this tyre were proved during certification tests in Europe. In addition to good technical characteristics this tyre has an impressive up-to-date design.
      Line of SNOWGARD winter tyres for passenger cars suitable for studding is designed in 13 tyre sizes with rim diameter 13-16 inches and T speed rating.
     Our technical specialists have implemented some innovations in the course of new product designing what resulted in good traction and roadability characteristics of the tyre.
      Good traction characteristics on dry road surface as well as on road covered with snow and ice are achieved as well due to rubber compounding on the basis of natural rubber and increased proportion of silica filler.
     Extra safety of the tyre is achieved by use of the undertread rubber compound that has been specially developed in accordance with new technology, what resulted in secure mounting of flanges for antiskid studs.  Another innovation is the uniform distribution of stud holes over the tread area what will significantly improve ice grip. The number of stud holes corresponds to the requirements of international standards.
      For the convenience of customers, on the tyre sidewall it is indicated the stud, the size of which   corresponds to the tyre size.  Studs are to be mounted into all stud holes that are marked on the tread. Besides, the new formula of undertread layer enables to use the new rubber compound for the tyre tread. As a result, the tread has become more flexible at low temperatures, i.e., it is "not tanned" and improves road grip.
  Gripping has been improved as well due to implementation of other innovations. For example, three-dimensional sipes under the 3D GRIPPING technology enable to increase stiffness of the tread blocks providing better gripping on the dry road, stability and handling of a vehicle. Active area of 3D sipes remains unchanged; gripping with a wet road is kept providing stable safety. 
The up-to-date tread pattern design has also contributed to high safety, handling and comfort characteristics. 
 Due to the tread pattern elements, the tyre ensures the prevention of aquaplaning and slush- planing.
 Original geometry of sipes with increased length of the straight-line section effectively split the water film. Wide lateral grooves with variable angles of the walls quickly remove slush and water from the tyre contact patch area.
  High density of sipes and increased number of edges of the tread blocks functioning as multiple gripping edges increase tyre traction on ice and snow. The lateral grooves between the blocks, that have different depths, increase the blocks stiffness at running on a dry road, reduce wear and noise.