ROSAVA has installed new equipment for agricultural tyre production

    A new tyre building machine SPR 610-930M (Pavlograd) equipped with a group of universal stitchers has been installed at the heavy tyre production site of ROSAVA.  This machine combines  1st and 2nd stages of  radial tyre building on a flexible bladder drum, what provides better reinforcement of tyre bead and solidity of tyre.  According to our technical specialists, this process will greatly improve tyre performance characteristics and customer satisfaction.
    Furthermore, the presence of such machine allows us to raise the production of tubeless and tubed agricultural tyres as  well as  to expand the tyre range by marketable sizes to satisfy customer demand.  Even now ROSAVA is able to offer agrarians the required quantity of the following tyre sizes 540 / 65R28 TL, 600 / 65R28 TL, 15,5R38 TR-07, 13,6R38 TR-07, 16,9R38 TR-201. In future we are going to produce  the tyres 420 / 70R24TL, 420 / 70R28 TL, 520 / 70R38 TL, 18,4R34, 14,9R24, 600 / 65R30 TL.