Best selling ROSAVA tyres in export markets

    In 2014, PJSC ROSAVA, Ukrainian tyre manufacturer, sold more than 50% of its product in almost all continents. It should be said that sales structure for each continent was different not only on models and seasonal timing, but also on tyre sizes.    
    For example, in far-abroad countries, medium-class tyres with 15 and 16 inches rim seat diameter were top sellers. Thus, medium-class summer tyre PREMIORRI Solazo was the hot sale. In economy class, a classic model SQ-201 was the bestseller. As for light-truck tyres, winter tyre LTW-301 and all-season tyre LTA-401 were at the top.
    In near-abroad countries (CIS) a different tendency was observed. In this market, tyres with lower rim seat diameter (13 – 15 inches) were popular. Among summer tyres, medium-class tyre PREMIORRI Solazo (13 inches) was at the top position; as for economy class, QUARTUM tyre model was the leader.   In winter passenger car tyre group, medium-class tyre PREMIORRI ViaMaggiore (15 inches) and new tyre ROSAVA Snowgard (studdable) were best selling.  Special rubber compounds rich in silica and natural rubber had been developed for each of these tyres, ensuring excellent gripping. Passenger all-season tyres were also popular in this market. As before, legendary tyre БЦ-20 holds its position from year to year.
   In light truck tyre segment, almost identical results had all-season model БЦ-24 that is known for its good traction and reliable car handling on any road surface, as well as winter tyre LTW-301. This tyre is highly appreciated by customers for the best quality-price ratio, high wear resistance and, most of all, for high safety under adverse weather conditions.