ROSAVA has developed a new generation of medium segment summer tyres ITEGRO


     ROSAVA has developed a new generation of medium segment summer tyres ITEGRO with directional tread pattern. In this tyre, innovative technological and design solutions are integrated to achieve an optimum balance of the required technical characteristics in respect of noise, tyre grip coefficient and rolling resistance, which meet up-to-date requirements of the European Union (until 01.11.2016) and increased requirements of end-users.

    The tyre name, ITEGRO,   sounds close to the word “integration” (from Latin “Integer” what means the whole, unified, uninterrupted process resulted in the integrity and consolidation, etc). We propose the following interpretation: tyre is the only point of contact between the driver, the vehicle and the road; it provides a safe, pleasant and comfortable driving.
   When developing the tyre, engineering experts of ROSAVA have applied the latest achievements of tyre industry as well as implemented the up-to-date design and process engineering solutions. At present, ITEGRO tyre is at the stage of certification testing, but the preliminary results confirm the expected target values of the product characteristics that are a level higher than the previous generation of ТМ ROSAVA tyres.
    The new tyre is designed for consumers who appreciate value for money, contemporary design and above all - safety.
   Due to new mixing formula of rubber compounds containing silica, organosilane* and increased rubber content, as well as due to special elements of directional tread pattern, ITEGRO tyre provides excellent handling on dry and wet roads.
Special elements of the tread pattern provide reliable and predictable behavior of the tyre on a dry road. Long radius of rounded bases of wide longitudinal grooves increases the tread stiffness, what improves grip with a dry road. Solid shoulder ribs contribute to this.


Longitudinal ribs and a lot of “rain elements”, including four wide grooves responsible for water drainage, contribute to excellent handling and grip on a wet road.



Beveled side faces of the central rib and tread blocks are designed to increase the amount of water drainage.
Lug grooves, located in the area of outer solid shoulder ribs, also contribute to additional water drainage.



Due to specially developed rubber compounds containing natural rubber to be used for inner layers, as well as due to the lug grooves in the tread pattern shoulder area, the tyre wear properties are increased. As a result, accelerated heat dissipation prevents the tyre overheating and extends the tyre life.




In addition to the combination of excellent handling and stability, the new product provides a high level of comfort. In the tread, there are elements that reduce noise levels: a lot of oval cavities in the rib around the entire circumference of the tyre and so-called arc-shaped grooves having a stepped structure.                                          




The tyre range is developed in 13 tyre sizes and models with rim seat diameter of 13, 14, 15 and 16 inches, speed index H and V.  This size range allows owners of mid-sector cars and above to use these tyres. The product will hit the market by summer season 2016.
Ukrainian consumers can get acquainted with the new product. ITEGRO tyre samples are demonstrated in ROSAVA outlet stores.  You can find the addresses of our outlet stores as well as ITEGRO tyre presentation on our website
* Organosilane provides chemical reaction of silica and rubber, as these components have bad compatability. Silica-organosilane reaction helps to get optimum stiffness of the tyre tread what leads to high road grip and rolling resistance.