"ROSAVA” reflects on the first six months of 2016


The situation with the tyre demand in the markets, where the products of JSC "ROSAVA" are present, has been improved from the first quarter of 2016. This is very noticeable in the European and domestic markets. The sales analysis of all ROSAVA tyre groups for the first half of 2016 indicates an increase in sales by 33% compared to the same period of 2015.

The growth of sales by groups of tyres is the following: passenger tyres - 44%, light-truck tyres - 23%, truck tyres - 89% and agricultural tyres - 61%.

Changes of car fleet in the market have influenced the structure of sales of passenger tyres of “ROSAVA” company. Over the past three years, a steady decline in sales of 13 and 14 inches tyres has been observed and at the same time the increase in sales of 15 and 16 inches tyres has been noticed. 

Changes in the structure of the passenger tyre sales by rim seat diameter 


The customer interest is increasingly shifting towards the recent developments - medium-class tyres. For the first time, medium-class tyre PREMIORRI SOLAZO 175 / 70R13 has become the bestseller in the Ukrainian market, depriving of leadership the legendary tyre BC-20.

The new tyre ITEGRO was also a bestseller during the first half of the year. Early in the year 2016, the tyre ITEGRO 195/ 65R15 and 205 /55R16 were recognized as “sensation of the year” by the magazine “Autocenter”.

PREMIORRI SOLAZO 205/55R16 and 195/65R15 as well as ITEGRO 185/65R15 were top sellers in the European market, PREMIORRI SOLAZO 185 /60R15 tyres were sold like hot cakes in the US market.