Watershed in the history of "ROSAVA" company: first 17-inches passenger car tyre manufactured at production site of the company


This day is very significant for "ROSAVA" company - first 17-inches passenger car tyre was manufactured. Hot freshly cured tyre model Solazo S Plus, size 225/45R17 was handed over to Aleksandr Daliba, Chairman of the Board-General Director of PJSC "ROSAVA", by production managers - Igor Logvynenko, Technical Director, and Aleksandr Momotyuk, Head of vulcanization shop.

"This model is a watershed in the history of our company – it signifies beginning of 17-inches passenger car tyres production, said Aleksandr Daliba, Chairman of the Board-General Director of PJSC "ROSAVA". The whole team worked hard to achieve this goal: significant financial resources were invested in the modernization of production for purchase of relevant high-tech equipment, special rubber compounds, tyre design and asymmetric tread pattern were developed, new technologies were introduced, etc."

Range of Solazo S Plus tyres is designed in the following sizes 225/45R17, 215/55R17, 205/50R17, 235/60R18, 265/60R18. By the end of August, tyre size 215/55R17 will be produced.

Tyre with asymmetric tread pattern has improved performance characteristics in different driving conditions. Three wide circumferential lugs ensure maximum effective transmission of tractive effort during acceleration and braking, and stabilize the tyre, providing road-holding ability at high speeds. Drainage system on the basis on four broad water expelling grooves and angled grooves ensures excellent resistance of tyre to aquaplaning and high degree of safety on wet road.

There is an information area on the sidewall of the tyre in the form of cars, which is convenient for marking tyre location on the vehicle, that will certainly be appreciated by the service station workers during seasonal tyre change.

It should be recalled, that earlier, "ROSAVA" company manufactured passenger car tyres in the range of 13-16 inches.