Sales growth by 45% compared to 2015

   "ROSAVA" company not only maintained its leading position in the domestic market, but strengthened it as well. And in severe competition in the segment of agricultural tyres our company not only increased sales, but took a leadership position in the Ukrainian market of agricultural tyres. This is a significant victory and we will not rest on our laurels!
      In 2016 "ROSAVA" company sold 3.9 million tyres. Level of sales increased by 45% compared to 2015. Sales growth can be seen in the group of passenger car tyres - by 47.3%. Sales growth is observed as well in the group of light truck tyres, truck tyres, agricultural tyres: by 26%, 17% and 57% respectively.
    Apart from the Ukrainian market, our company continued to develop foreign markets, paying particular attention to the European market. "Rosava" has significantly expanded its presence in such countries as Germany, UK, France, Spain, Italy, Hungary, Turkey, Poland and others.
     Broadly speaking, the highest level of sales (increased by 2.4 times) was in CIS countries. Sales level in the Ukrainian market increased as well – by 57%. Sales growth is observed in the secondary market in Europe – by 52%, and in the Middle East – by 18%. Export potential is as well increased by 30%.