The ROSAVA Calendar 2017

  This year, "ROSAVA" company is celebrating its anniversary. We are 45! We have been with you for 45 years! Every year is one more step up to success. Year after year, step by step, with every effort made, we became more experienced and wiser. Breaking new ground with no fear of the new, we moved only forward - straight to our goal, to get better and be closer to our customers!
  The ROSAVA Calendar concept reflects different stages of the company development starting from 1972 when first tyre was released at Belaya Tserkov Industrial Complex of Tyres and RTG (Rubber Technical Goods) to 2017 when modern enterprise "ROSAVA" is functioning, as well as it reflects changes that have taken place in fashion, cars, architecture. This Calendar is well regarded by older generation and attracts interest of young people.

45 years of history and traditions allow us to look back proudly and look forward with confidence!