• Provided that operating, transportation and storage regulations are observed the company guarantees:
  • Advices, which will, no doubt, be useful for drivers and help to extend tyre performance life.
  • Tyre marking
  • By their construction tyres can be bias and radial
  • TYRE is rubber or steel (on carts) ring, case on wheel rim. Automobile tyre is an elastic case which contacts the road and cushions impacts and absorbs road bumping.

Useful advice

Useful advice
 Recommendations on care & maintenance for ROSAVA tyres

Tyres with road tread pattern are designed for use on road surfaces of good quality that have high gripping properties (concrete, asphalt, smooth ground, etc.). Such tyres have low rolling resistance, high wear resistance and low noise level. On muddy and snowy roads the gripping properties of these tyres are not high, so to use a car in winter season or in countryside it is recommended to replace these tyres with  multipurpose or winter tyres.

Multipurpose or all-season pattern is a compromise between road and winter tread patterns and is designed for off-road conditions. Such tyres, in comparison with road tread pattern tyres, have increased rolling resistance, lower wear resistance, higher noise level, but on muddy or snowy roads they have better gripping.

Tyres with winter pattern are ahead of tyres with all-season and multipurpose tread pattern when driving through deep loose snow as well as on “packed” and ice-covered surfaces. To improve gripping properties and to keep flexibility at low temperatures the winter tyre tread is made ​​of 3 different rubber compounds using silica. Winter tyres should not be used in summer because tread wear goes up with a jump.

  • When a tyre has run a great distance, its inflation pressure is increased by an average 0,3 Atm. It is recommended to wait at least 1 hour until a tyre cools down, and then to adjust the pressure.
  • When all-season (M+S) tyres are used, pressure should be increased by 0,2 Atm.
  • In a spare wheel it is recommended to maintain air pressure 0.3 Atm more than standard pressure and to reduce it just before use.
  • When a trailer is used, inflation pressure in tyres on rear axle should be increased by 0,5-0,8 Atm.
  • Use valve caps.

Proper pressure improves performance characteristics and mileage of ROSAVA tyres as well as ensures safety. Therefore it is recommended to use higher pressure for heavy load or when a trailer is used.

 Pressure Unit Conversion Table

Quite often it happens that on new imported tyres nominal pressure values are indicated in units which are not clear for our people. The same relates to recommendations of car manufacturers from the USA and Great Britain. PSI means "pounds per square inch". For your convenience, we have made the following table where PSI is converted in Bar, which is also called "Atmosphere". However, to be exact, 1 bar = 1 Technical Atmosphere, which, though is not equal, but for home use is equal to 1 Atmosphere.



 Tyre Load Capacity  Table

One of the characteristics of a car tyre "ROSAVA" is load index. It indicates the maximum load a tyre is permitted to carry under car operating conditions.  Note that dividing a weight of your car by the number of wheels, you could make a mistake. Not all cars have an ideal axle weight distribution (50:50), or, when a cargo is carried this value could worsen even more. We advise you to choose tyres with a load index margin, rather than to complain later about a "hernia" appeared or cord separated. When replacing car tyres, the following is to be taken into consideration: tyre size, ply rating and maximum load capacity (at specified maximum speed) of original equipment tyres.

Before mounting wider tyres on a car, make sure that they will not touch a car body arch or suspension parts when a car is fully loaded or wheels are turned into extreme positions. For better operation of a car you should use tyres of the same manufacturer, model and size for all wheels.

Load indexMaximum load
capacity of a tyre, 
Load indexMaximum load
capacity of a tyre, 
Load indexMaximum load
capacity of a tyre, 
Load indexMaximum load
capacity of a tyre, 

Tyres of different sizes, types and tread patterns should never be used on one axle.

 Tyre Speed Rating Table

In addition to load capacity, maximum permitted speed is also an important characteristic of car tyres ROSAVA.

Maximum speed is expressed as a letter symbol. Sometimes speed index is called speed category. We would like to draw your attention to some points for this index understanding.
1. Speed index specifies maximum permitted speed at normal loading (specified load index) for a long distance running, that is, if you drive your car at speed 210 km/h for 15 minutes, while maximum permitted speed for your tyres is 190 km/h, nothing terrible would happen. But if you exceed the time, a tyre deflection or even its breaking could occur due to overheating.
2. When a car loading is close to maximum permitted, standard recommendations of manufacturers may vary. Generally it concerns truck and light truck tyres. For example, at 90% loading the speed should not exceed 90% of maximum permitted, while at 100% loading the speed should not be higher than 80%.

Maximum speed, km/h100110120130140150160170180190200210240270300>240

Private Joint Stock Company ROSAVA manufactures tubeless tyres for passenger cars and light trucks.

Tubeless tyres have a number of advantages in comparison to tube ones, therefore step by step they conquer a market forcing out tube tyres. They have lower weight, better balancing, and in case of puncture, especially small one, they lose air slower than tube tyres. Besides, to seal a puncture you don’t need to dismount a tyre from a wheel.

Design of tubeless tyre:

 Design of tubeless



 Mount and Dismount a tyre

As a rule, it is necessary to dismount a tyre from a wheel rim when it needs to be replaced with a new one or with a tyre suitable for certain operating conditions as well as when a tyre is damaged. Before a tyre is dismounted from a rim, be sure to mark its position relative to a wheel, in order to avoid imbalance at the subsequent installation. Sometimes it is not easy to dismount a tubeless tyre from a wheel. Due to high quality of rubber and a smooth, even surface of a rim seat as well as due to continuous operation a tyre tightly "sticks" to a steel wheel rim. A yet harder task is to mount such a tyre on a wheel rim. With inflating a tyre by air pump or domestic compressor the air will go out through a rim wheel hump. For mounting such a tyre it is necessary to supply a lot of air by professional compressor. Therefore, tubeless tyres are better to be repaired in special tyre repair shops. If a tyre is damaged on a way, you may use a tube of an appropriate size only to get to a tyre repair shop.

 Letter E inside a circle and DOT symbol on TM ROSAVA tyres

When a tyre is marked with the letter E inside a circle, it means that the tyre is certified for the European market; when a tyre bears DOT symbol, this means it is certified for the U.S. market (country of origin does not matter). Accordingly, both marks on the same tyre mean that the tyre is certified for both markets. We advise you to buy either E marked tyres or tyres with dual certification (E and DOT) because European requirements to some characteristics are stricter than American ones, particular in respect of tyre strength.