The history of the Ukrainian tyre manufacturer begins with the Bila Tserkva tyre plant founded in 1972. Since February, 1972 - it was headed by Mikhailo Timofiyovych Mytrofanov. Under his leadership, production process was organized far ahead of schedule.

One by one, every workshop and facility of the tyre plant reached its planned production capacity. It was a period of unprecedented enthusiasm! Due to the experience and dedication of our employees, we have become the largest tyre manufacturer in the former USSR, as well as one of the leading tyre manufacturers in the CIS countries. Our history is full of rich traditions, memorable occasions and energy of numerous events.

Energy of modernization

2011 - According to the list, published by the authoritative journal Tire Business ROSAVA company was included in the world ranking of tyre manufacturers for the first time.

2012 – Installation of extrusion line for production of innerliner, Krauss Maffei Berstorff; two single-stage tyre building machines PLT 13-20 inches for the production of radial tyres (Germany); machines for cutting the cap ply, SPOOLEX S.A.S company, Calemard brand. Mounting of the winding device from Krauss Maffei Berstorff for the triplex extrusion line for tread production. The company switched to a new European tyre marking system.

2013 - when the political situation in Ukraine changed, in a short time ROSAVA successfully diversified the raw material and sales markets, expanded its assortment, and mastered new tyre sizes, in particular, 16 inch tyres.

2016 – start of tyre production to order of LLC PREMIORI.

2017 - EXXIUM Single Stage Radial Passenger Tyre Building System (VMI Holland B.V.) was launched.

On January 14, ahead of all scheduled dates, the first tyre 205/60 R16 ViaMaggiore was assembled, and on September 18, the first tyre 215 / 65R16 SNOWGARD was built.

The new HOFMANN Quality Inspection (Germany) was successfully commissioned to control the product quality according to the output characteristics, including static and dynamic imbalance.

In February, a new line of Harburg Freudenberger Curing Presses КНР 52-180 IC (Germany) was put into operation to provide a full curing cycle of 15 - 22 inche tyres. On the state-of-the-art equipment, two innovative tyre models, PREMIORRI ViaMaggiore Z Plus and Vimero VAN, as well as the first 18 inch tyre PREMIORRI Solazo S Plus were manufactured. Size ranges for passenger tyres PREMIORRI Solazo Z Plus and Itegro, as well as for light truck tyre SNOWGARD VAN were expanded.

In April, the company expanded its technological lines with the up-to-date equipment, Single Stage Tyre Building Machine PC-2, Matador (Slovakia). The equipment is used to manufacture 13 – 22 inch passenger tyres. These days, the first pilot lot of tyres 195 / 65R15 PREMIORRI Solazo was assembled.

In July, the new high-tech equipment Apex of VIPO company (Slovakia) arrived to the plant. The line is designed to manufacture filler strip and bead for 13 - 20 inch passenger car tyres in automatic mode.

2018 - in February, high-precision rheometer MDR 3000 Professional of MonTech (Germany) to test rubber compounds was purchased. In March, WISTA Shot Blasting Machine for cleaning and finishing of agricultural tyre molds was received. In April, first Curing Presses 52" mod. 400-52 UZYM13 of UZER MAKINA to ensure the increase of 15 - 19 inch tyre production as well as Gardner Denver Screw Compressor VS 290 (Germany) with a frequency converter were installed.

July, 2019 - The first 20 inch passenger tyre Premiorri Solazo S Plus 235/ 55R20 is produced at ROSAVA. We are the first among tyre manufacturers in former Soviet Republics to produce such a tyre. Upgrading of production: GEO-SL system is installed on the Quality Inspection Line (Hofmann, Germany); negotiations to discuss the supply of the third Exxium Tyre Building Aggregate, (VMI, Netherlands) are held; Boiler Plant construction has started.

October, 2019 - 16 ton Steam Boilers (Viessmann, Germany) are supplied. This makes the company completely independent of external steam suppliers. - Environmentally friendly oils that meet the REACH requirements are used for tyre production.

ROSAVA tyres remain leaders in the domestic market, 30% market share - passenger tyres and 28% market share - agricultural tyres. More than half of the products (56%) are sold in the Ukrainian market, 44% are supplied to the markets of Europe, America, Africa, Asia (60 countries). ROSAVA participates in Agro Show 2019 in Eastern Europe. At the booth of our partner from Poland, TM Rosava-AgroS agricultural tyres and TM Premiorri passenger tyres are exhibited.

New all-season tyre Premiorri Vimero is launched to the Canadian market. A trademark registration certificate has been obtained from the Intellectual Property Office of Canada, which allows commercial activities in this country over the next 15 years. Ukrainian tyres TM Rosava and TM Premiorri are sold in California! Our American partner, Prestige Tires, has opened a new tyre center in Fountain Valley.

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