The history of the Ukrainian tyre manufacturer begins with the Bila Tserkva tyre plant founded in 1972. Since February, 1972 - it was headed by Mikhailo Timofiyovych Mytrofanov. Under his leadership, production process was organized far ahead of schedule.

One by one, every workshop and facility of the tyre plant reached its planned production capacity. It was a period of unprecedented enthusiasm! Due to the experience and dedication of our employees, we have become the largest tyre manufacturer in the former USSR, as well as one of the leading tyre manufacturers in the CIS countries. Our history is full of rich traditions, memorable occasions and energy of numerous events.

Energy of enthusiasm

1972, December 22 - at about five o'clock in the morning the first tyre was produced in Bila Tserkva; On December 26, the first batch of the rubber compound was made in the mixing department, which allowed to produce tyres from own semi-finished products.

1973, April 28 - one hundred thousandth tyre produced; November 5 - a millionth tube cured; December 3 - millionth tyre manufactured.

1974 - the first automobile tubes made from butyl rubber BK-1675 produced. Production of the first radial tyres mastered.

1975 - the plant for production of industrial rubber products started production.

1976 - the plant was renamed into production association of tyres and asbestos technical products. Ten millionth tyre was produced.

1979 - the first products were manufactured at the plant for production of asbestos technical products.

1980 - construction of tyre plant No. 2 begins, where tyres for "Don" combine harvesters (Rostselmash) will be produced.

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